let’s go round again…

I have been on a few dates whilst I’ve been single, it’s true. I’ve had evenings more memorable than others, that’s for sure, but I did not see this one coming.

One day, I met a man on OkCupid and we got along well. It was a fun evening, much rum was drunk and we really did have an enjoyable time. As I got on the bus home, I was pretty confident that I didn’t want to see this chap again, at least not in a romantic sense anyway. Anyway, we text a little and I thanked him for a lovely evening and that was that.

Fast forward 10 months



Now, once you’ve gotten past the shock of my 20% battery wild life living, you’ll have read the message.

No, surely not.

He couldn’t have dated me and forgotten me AND be trying to date me AGAIN.

He did and he was.

I remembered our date well and I remembered his face, how could he have forgotten ever even dating me? One of the things that put me off this guy on our date was that he seemed to be very into the dating scene, very up on his ‘must ask’ questions and clearly had a bit of a dating schtick – not for me.



He was absolutely adamant that he couldn’t have forgotten me, he couldn’t possibly be working his way back through the single ladies of South London. No way. I try to jog his memory.

I wanted to make clear that we had met, without making the guy feel terrible (he did seem like a nice enough chap).


He had told me a very specific and hilarious dating story on our date (dating stories tend to go down well on dates), one that stuck with me.. I thought maybe this would jog his memory..

The A-HA moment


I decided not to beat him (or myself) up too much about it because apparently, apparently these things actually happen.


Once again, we decided not to stay in touch.

It can be easy to get caught up in the anonymity of a big city and of online dating, but the pool is only so big and I really think it’s worth trying to remember at least the usernames of the people you’ve dated…


13 thoughts on “let’s go round again…

    1. Oh the living room story was fantastic. He told me he would give me just one of his bad date stories and the headline for the one I chose was “I’m in your living room”.
      He went on a date with a lovely young lady, but they had one too many drinks and she didn’t handle hers too well. So, he walks her to the bus stop, only she’s not even able to board the bus without assistance, so he offers to help her home. She’s grateful (but mainly hammered).
      They get the night bus to her house, she gives him her keys, as we all know, locks can be a real puzzle when you’re in that sort of state. They get in, he helps her to bed and she insists he stays on her couch.

      Next morning he wakes up to a text that says “I’m so embarrassed about last night, thank you for being a gentleman, it’d be nice to see you again soon and I’ll go easier on the booze”
      He replies “I’m in your living room”

      She doesn’t reply. He hears her rush around, shower, get ready and then poke her head sheepishly into her own living room and shows him out.

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