hello…is it me you’re looking for

So, the reality is that dates have to start somewhere and if like me the prospects of meeting someone through work/friends/hobbies is low, then it’s going to be online.


You choose your pictures – I try to go with a wholesome pictures, because sexy shots aren’t true to who I am and I’m constantly battling with the fear of BEING a catfish.


THEN comes the actual interactions. You HAVE to speak with people. You have to be comfortable enough that you give off a true sense of who you are, whilst trying to get some semblance of another person, plus be charming, delightful, interesting, insightful, intelligent, well rounded, stable etc etc etc. Tricky, really, really very tricky.

Now, I like men and this is not a bash of them at all.. but these are some of the opening lines you have to contend with whether male or female..


Charming (plus I do actually have SOME shame)





I get it, putting effort into opening messages time and time again does become exhausting and I empathize with these guys, but I’m going to need a little more than “been busy?” to want to learn all there is to know about someone.


BUT I think we all use these dating apps for various reasons at various points throughout our months/weeks/days. Sometimes it’s a simple case of something to do on the bus, other times I want to knuckle down and find an excellent human being and I think those times have to align for both parties for anything to happen.

My relationshipped friends love to “play” on my dating apps, it’s basically the adult version of MSN chat rooms or Yahoo pool. You can almost anonymously match with and speak to people who you’re more than likely never going to bump into with any repercussions. ITS FUN.

Its fun PLUS theres that tiny little chance that maybe you’ll meet someone wonderful. It’s that tiny chance that has me dating again…


9 thoughts on “hello…is it me you’re looking for

  1. It’s not just men who start a conversation with one word starters. I don’t get many women starting a conversation on the dating apps & websites, but the ones who have usually send nothing more than a ‘Hi there’. At least ask a question, so that some conversation can start!

    Interesting to read your blog from a women’s point-of-view on online dating. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Most times I put something pertaining to something on the person’s profile but then there is no response. I have heard different women complain about either creeps or guys who can’t conversate if llife depended on it.

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