girl you got that viiiibe..

cv0xfexvaaa8h_cJoann’s got it
Leonice has got it
Theresa’s got it
Tonia’s got it

Just a small number of the women who R Kelly confirms have actually got it

Whilst dating still puzzles me and in a way I hope to never understand it, it doesn’t fail to play on my mind and cause me to try and make some logical sense of it. Something I can understand, decode and process.

Fundamentally, it becomes more and more obvious to me that the answer lies in quite plain sight among 90’s R’n’b tunes. It’s the vibe. It’s whether you’ve got it and unfortunately it’s not at the mercy of logic.

There can’t be rules of what you/your partner must and musn’t do because rules don’t allow for vibe, in fact it almost dictates that rules go out of the window and that you barely notice their disappearance.


Often it’s misread by one party or the other and when thinking you’re on the same page, you look up to realise that your book is in a different language, upside down and resides in a library in an alternative universe (and perhaps their’s is a pop up book of zoo animals).

I’ve laid off actively dating recently, once in a while it drops to the bottom of my list of priorities and I fall back to hoping it comes to knock on my door and pet my head on a hungover Sunday or just enjoys my overactive imagination. Anyway, someone recently put this vibe better than I ever could have.

It is art. It is watching dancers. It is listening to the most wonderful piece of music.

Richard Diebenkorn – Ocean Park #43

You process with feeling, you don’t initially pause to dissect what, why or where your feelings are. You just enjoy and more often than not it gives you more or it gives you something different to what you perhaps set out for.



Well, that’s the idea…


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